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Episode 31

Tape recorder
The last time we visited Beantown, Willie and Grace and their fifth grade class were visiting the studios of K-BEAN, Beantown's only radio station. While the kids were being shown around, they heard an unexpected pop, and the program that was on the air, "Springs of Hope," suddenly went silent.

Mr. Richards began turning a dial, but all he got was loud static.

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"The station goes off the air every day at 10 o'clock?" asked Grace. "Why is that, Mr. Richards?"

Mr. Richards scratched his head. "I don't know. It has been driving me crazy!"

Mayor JacksonJust then, a tall man strode into the room. "What are all these kids doing in here?" he asked in a loud voice. "It's almost time for my program!"

"Kids, meet Mayor Herb Jackson," announced Mrs. Richards with an amused smile on her face. "He's here to do his daily talk show."

Mayor Jackson looked at the children as if he suddenly remembered they were future voters. "Nice to meet you kids. Are you here on a field trip?"

"That's correct!" replied Mrs. Whipple. "We're from Beantown Christian School"

"Hmmmm...." replied the mayor.

Right about then, there was another loud pop, and the closing music from "Springs of Hope" filled the room. "Must be 10:30," commented Mr. Richards.

"And time for MY show!" announced the mayor, as he plopped himself down in the worn chair in front of the microphone. The phone rang. "See! Folks are calling already. Mrs. Whipple, you keep those kids of yours quiet."microphone

The class listened to Mayor Jackson's program for a while. He had a talk show, where citizens of Beantown could call in and ask the mayor questions. He answered the questions in a very grouchy way. Willie and Grace wondered how he ever got himself elected!

On the bus on the way back to school, Grace said to Willie, "I wonder if Mayor Jackson is a Christian. He sure is a grumpy man!"

"Well, I am wondering why K-BEAN goes off the air everyday at 10:00. Doesn't that seem strange to you?"

"Yeah, it's odd. I've heard "Springs of Hope" before. There's nothing unusual about the program. It's just a pastor with a southern accent preaching through the Bible. It's a good show! My dad listens to it all the time. Or at least he did, before it vanished from the airwaves!"

"I think we should investigate this. We need a new mystery to solve!" said Willie cheerfully. "I think we should hike up to K-BEAN's tower on the top of Bean Mountain. We can be there at 10:00 and see if anything weird happens. We can do it next Monday, when we have Easter vacation."

"Here we go again!" smiled Grace.