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Episode 6
Serious Trouble!

As the door to the green car began to slowly open, Willie noticed that one of the boards covering a window of the nearest warehouse was slightly ajar. "Grace, maybe we can get through this window and hide in the building!"

Grace thought the building looked spooky, but she thought the car and its mysterious driver looked even spookier, so she followed Willie through the crack in window. Willie arranged the loose board so it covered the window better. They found themselves in a huge room that was very dark. The only light came through cracks in the boards of the other windows. They could see large shadowy shapes, which appeared to be old pieces of machinery.

"Now what?" asked Grace.

Willie was quiet for a few minutes. "I think we should pray!"

"I think so, too," agree Grace. "Dear Father, we know that you are with us here in this scary warehouse. We ask you to please take care of us and keep us safe. In Jesus' name, amen.

Just then, the kids heard the sound of footsteps in the alley outside their window. They heard two men talking.

"Where'd those kids go?" asked a man with a gruff voice.

"I don't know, but when I find them I'm going to......"

The second man never finished his sentence. The kids heard loud barking, and a growl. "It's Flop! Flop is chasing them away!"

And sure enough, the kids heard the sound of two sets of feet running back to the green car, with Flop at their heels, growling like the kids had never heard Flop growl before. The next thing they heard was the sound of an engine starting up and a car driving away.

"Hooray for Flop!" shouted Willie.

"Thank you Jesus!" shouted Grace.

"Amen to that," agreed Willie as he pried the board off the window again and stepped out into the darkened alley. "And we'd better get home before our parents worry about us."

"Too late for that- I'm sure my mom is already worried, and tonight is Christmas Eve!"

"We'll have to come back another day, and maybe bring your brother Miguel along. I think we are about to solve this mystery, and I think these men who are following us have something to do with it all. Come on Flop. Good dog! You saved the day!"

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