Do you want to know Jesus? Would you like to become a Christian? Are you wondering how you can go to Heaven someday? This is the page for you! The colors will help you remember what the Bible says about Jesus.

. The color GOLD makes us think about treasure! It reminds us of a special golden place called Heaven, where God lives. The Bible tells us that the streets of Heaven are paved with gold. Everyone is happy in Heaven. No one dies there, or even gets sick. But the best thing about Heaven is that Jesus lives there! Everything in Heaven is perfect, and there is no SIN there.
. This dark color reminds us of SIN. Do you know what sin is? It's the bad things we do. It's anything we think, say, or do that does not please God. The Bible says we have all sinned and displease God. Some sinful things we do are lying, stealing, saying mean things, and not obeying our parents.

Sin has to be punished. There cannot be any sin in Heaven. We need to get rid of our sin so we can be with God in Heaven someday. There is nothing we can do by ourselves to make us good enough to go to Heaven. What can we do?

. RED is the color of Blood. How does blood fit into all this?

God loved us all so much that He sent His Son Jesus to come to our world to take our punishment for us. Sin has to be punished, but the punishment is death! Jesus died on the cross in our place. He took our punishment for us. It is as if you stole some candy, and deserved to be punished, but your sister volunteered to be punished in your place. God the Father looked down from Heaven and saw that Jesus had taken our punishment for us. He says that anyone who believes that Jesus did this wonderful thing for us can come live with Him in Heaven, and that we don't need to be punished after all. The blood of Jesus saves us from our sins.

But that's not the end of the story! Jesus did die on the cross, but three days later He rose from the dead! Jesus is not dead anymore, He is alive! He is living in Heaven, but He also lives in the hearts of those who believe in Him.

. Would you like to have your sins forgiven? Would you like to live in Heaven with Jesus someday? You can! You can talk to Jesus yourself and ask Him to forgive you and to accept you as one of His children. You might say something like this:
  • Jesus, I know that I have done some bad things in my life. I know that I am a sinner. I believe that You died on the cross and took my punishment for me. I believe that you are alive now. Thank you, Jesus! Please forgive me for the wrong things that I have done. I receive You as my Savior, and ask You to come into my life. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.
Your heart is now CLEAN like this page!
. The color GREEN makes us think of growing things, like flowers, trees, bushes, and tomato plants! If you received Jesus as your Savior, you are now a Christian. Just like plants, Christians need to grow! How can you grow?
  • PRAY. What is prayer? It is just talking to God. Begin talking to God everyday day. Thank Him for everything- your family, your friends, the warm house you live in and the food you eat. He has given you all these good things, and we should thank Him for them. You can tell God your troubles, and He will listen. God answers all of our prayers, but not always the way we think He ought to!
  • READ YOUR BIBLE. The Bible is God's letter to us! If you have trouble understanding what you read, ask God to help you.
  • ATTEND CHURCH. It is fun to be with other Christians! At church you can learn much more about Jesus than you would on your own.
  • TELL OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT JESUS. Tell people how much Jesus loves them, and how He wants to forgive their sins, just like he forgave you!

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