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Episode 16

A week after Willie and Grace visited Jasmine and saw her father's snake collection, the children were sitting in science class at their school, Beantown Christian School. Their teacher, Mrs. Whipple, asked the kids to turn to Chapter Eight in their science books. They were going to be studying the truth about God's Creation, and how the theory of evolution was not true.

Willie smiled to Grace. Now they'd learn something to help them with Jasmine's father, who believed in evolution but did not believe in God! And Jasmine herself was confused and didn't know what she believed.

Mrs. Whipple was talking: "As we study the differences between Creationism and Evolution, we are also going to be studying insects. You're all going to raise some fruitflies to study!

Everyone was pretty excited about this news, and settled down to listen to Mrs. Whipple explain about a an amazing bug called the Bombardier Beetle that fired explosive bombs at its enemies. She said this was evidence that God created this beetle, because the collection of explosive chemicals found in its body, as well as the "firing tube," were so complicated and special to the Bombardier Beetle that would have been impossible to evolve by chance. "God created the Bombardier Beetle just the way he is. He didn't gradually evolve over time."

Willie noticed Jasmine chewing thoughtfully on her pencil. Maybe she was beginning to understand!

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