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Episode 9
WillieAn Amazing Discovery!Grace

The last time we saw Willie, Grace and Miguel, they were on the top floor of an old abandoned warehouse, wondering what Flop was sniffing at over in a dark, gloomy corner.

"Flop, what are you doing over there?" asked Willie of his dog.

Flop did not answer, but began sniffing even more enthusiastically, and pawed at a particular dark box in the farthest corner.

"Maybe Flop's on to something," said Miguel. "Let's go see."

The three humans clambered over hunks of rusty machines and crates to Flop's corner. They saw that he was interested in a very old-looking trunk. It looked like a sea chest. Miguel and Willie pulled it out into the light. It was made of leather, and the brass lock was about to fall off. Miguel carefully raised the lid. Willie, Grace, Miguel and Flop peered hopefully within.

And there, in the dusty noonday sun, the kids beheld a glittering pile of golden coins. Big coins and little coins, but they all appeared to be made of gold. There was only one object in the trunk that was not a golden coin, and that object was a large black book.

At first they were speechless, but when Grace could talk, she said in a soft voice, "This book looks like a Bible."

Willie carefully lifted the Bible from its golden nest. The book was mouldy and falling apart, but he read the words on the cover: Holy Bible. Miguel looked thoughtfully at the book. "I see a bookmark. Open it up, Willie. Be careful!"

Willie opened the Bible, and saw that a verse had been underlined in black ink. It was Acts 20:35:

It is more blessed to give than to receive

"Remember what the map said?" asked Grace. "It said that we'd find something that would make us rich forevermore. Somehow I don't think the old sailor who made the map was talking about the gold."

"Neither do I," said Willie thoughtfully. "I think this verse is the real treasure."

"What are you kids going to do with the gold? It's probably the property of the man who owns this warehouse. Before we make any big plans, we need to talk to him." This was the kind of thing Miguel always said.

"Let's talk to him, but I think we should give this gold
away. It's more blessed to give than to receive."

"I agree," replied Grace.

So that's what they did. And they were greatly blessed.

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