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Episode 10
WillieThe New Girl at SchoolGrace

Willie and Grace were sitting in Grace's kitchen watching the rain and eating quesadillas. They had been back to school for a week now, and were talking about a new girl who had just joined their class at Beantown Christian School. She seemed to be very shy. Grace had done her best to make her feel at home, but the new girl, whose name was Jasmine, didn't seem interested in anything Grace said.

"I asked her to sit with me in the cafeteria, but she said she'd rather sit by herself," Grace said sadly. Grace was one of those people who loved everyone and couldn't imagine someone wanting to eat lunch all alone.

Then Willie said something that nearly made Grace drop her quesadilla. "When school was over today, guess what I saw? I saw Jasmine get into that mysterious green car!"

"Not the car that chased us in The Adventure of the Old Map!" she exclaimed.

"Yep, the very same car, darkened windows and all!"

"Did Jasmine get in willingly?" asked Grace anxiously.

"Yep. It looked to me like she was waiting for it.

"You know, we solved everything about that old map except why that green car was following us around. I wonder who the driver is, and how he is related to Jasmine?"

Willie gave a piece of his snack to Furball, who was lurking under his chair. "Let's follow her home tomorrow after school and see where she goes."

"Let's hope it stops raining!"

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