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Episode 11
WillieThe Mystery DeepensGrace

The next day at school, Grace once again asked Jasmine to join her and some other friends for lunch, but Jasmine just shook her head sadly and sat by herself. Willie sat with Grace. "Did you invite her to eat with us? She sure looks lonesome."

"Maybe she just doen't like us," remarked Grace.

Willie chewed his pizza and said, "No, I don't think that's it. I think she looks sad about something."

The bell rang, and the children went back to their classrooms for the afternoon. When it was time for Bible class, they received their new memory verse for the week. It was Proverbs 18:24-

"That's just the right verse for Jasmine," thought Grace as she copied the verse into her notebook. "And for me, too. I'll just have to keep on being as friendly as I can."

After school, Willie reminded Grace of their plan to follow Jasmine home. Willie had noticed her getting into the mysterious green car a few days earlier, and he and Grace were full of curiosity. "What's the connection between Jasmine and that car that was following us around last month?" they both wondered. So Grace and Willie stood with their bikes behind a large rosemary bush where they could watch the comings and goings of parents as they came to pick up their kids from school. And sure enough, the green car arrived, and Jasmine hopped in the front seat. The windows were darkened and Grace and Willie couldn't see the driver.

"Let's go!" yelled Willie as he climbed on his bike and began to pedal after the car. "It's going pretty fast! Keep yours eyes peeled!"

Grace and Willie rode as fast as they could, and barely managed to keep the green car in sight. The car drove towards the outskirts of Beantown and finally pulled into a weed-choked driveway. Willie and Grace could hardly believe their eyes- it was the old Witherspoon Mansion!

"Does Jasmine live here?" exclaimed Willie. "No one's lived in this old place for years!"

As Willie and Grace rode their bikes home, they realized that the mystery surrounding Jasmine was greater than they thought!

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