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Episode 29
WillieThe Mystery at the Radio StationGrace

School bellAfter a very long Christmas vacation, Willie and Grace went back to school at Beantown Christian School, where they were both in the fifth grade. Mrs. Whipple, their teacher, had a surprise for the class.

"How many of you children know Mr. Richards?" she asked.

Mr. RichardsEveryone in the room raised their hands. They knew Mr. Richards because he was the youth pastor at church.

"How many of you know what kind of job Mr. Richards has?" Mrs. Whipple asked next.

There was silence in the room. No one knew what Mr. Richards did for a living.

"Mr. Richards and his wife run the Christian radio station here in Beantown," the teacher explained. "Have any of you ever listened to K-BEAN?"

"I listen to Adventures in Odyssey!"Radio

"My dad listens to The Bible Answer Man!"

"Our church has a program on that station at lunchtime!"

"Well, I'm glad you all enjoy listening to K-BEAN so much, because I have some great news for you. Mr. Richards thinks Beantown Christian School needs its own radio show! How would you kids like to go on the air?"

"Wow, really?" all 24 fifth graders shouted at once. "Cool!"

"That's what I thought you would say," chuckled the good-natured Mrs. Whipple. "But it's going be a lot of work!"

Grace raised her hand. "I think this sounds like fun, Mrs. Whipple, but none of us know anything about radio stations and radio shows."

Mrs. Whipple smiled at Grace. "Don't worry about that. Mr. Richards has promised to help. Also, we are going to be studying about radio broadcasting here at school this semester.

Is everybody ready to produce a radio program?"

"Hooray!" shouted the classroom of happy fifth graders.