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Episode 19

Willie, Grace, and Jasmine were sitting in the living room of the Morris house. They had to first set the chairs upright, because all the furniture had been overturned a few hours earlier when intruders had locked Dr. Morris in the pantry Chestand locked the kids in the basement! The family's car was missing, too. Willie thought there was a connection between these intruders and the people who used to own the Morris house. Dr. Morris was about to explain:

"Jasmine and I were living in Chicago until recently. We wanted to move to California, because I thought it would be easier to raise my boa constrictors in a warmer climate. One day I received a phone call from a man who said he had a big house for sale in Beantown, California. I told him I couldn't afford to pay much, but he offered this house at a very low price. He even said he'd give us his car as a part of the deal! The only condition was that we had to move to California right away, within the next week! I thought this was my big chance, so I said yes to the deal. He sent us some papers, which my lawyer looked over. He also mailed us the keys to the green car. We packed up everything we owned, including our 17 boa constrictors, rented a truck, and drove across the country to Beantown.

House"We were a little disappointed at how beat up the house looked," added Jasmine, "but it was so much larger than our apartment in Chicago that we were very glad to have it. And the green car was parked in the driveway, just like the man on the phone promised."

Dr. Morris continued. "Before Jasmine's mother died last year, she made me promise to send Jasmine to a Christian school. Mrs. Morris was a Christian, and so is Jasmine. As you know, I am not. But I believe in keeping promises, so I enrolled Jasmine in Beantown Christian School. But ever since we moved into this old house, I've felt that something's not quite right."

"Yeah!" said Jasmine. "Sometimes we'd come home from the store and find things in the house moved around a little, like someone had been here while we were gone."

"I think they are trying to find something they forgot to take with them when they moved out," commented Dr. Morris. "Did you say that box of papers in the basement closet is missing?"

"It's gone alright," confirmed Willie.

Mr. Morris"I'd better call the police and report the break-in, and I also need to find those snakes! And this house will take days to clean up. What a mess!" Dr. Morris seemed overwhelmed by all the work facing him.

"We'll help you clean up," Grace volunteered. 'Many hands make light work,' the Bible says! Everything except catching the snakes, that is!"

"And I'll help catch the snakes!" Willie really enjoyed Dr. Morris snake collection. "But first, I want to take Flop home and give him a treat. He's the hero of the day!"

"The Lord used Flop to answer our prayer, and I agree- that dog deserves a treat!" Flop So everyone went about their work: Dr. Morris called the police, Grace and Jasmine began straightening up the livingroom, and Willie took his dog home for a well-deserved dog biscuit. But the mystery still remained....

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