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Episode 21

Last week was the annual Easter Egg hunt in Beantown. The winners were two sweetBasket girls, Jenny and Sarah, who won some jelly beans! Something else happened during the egg hunt- while searching for eggs, Willie's little sister Glennie found the box of papers that had been stolen from Jasmine's house a few weeks earlier. The box was under some blackberry bushes that grew along the side of the road. It looked as if someone had tossed the box out of the window of a car!

HandcuffsThe Beantown police took the box to the police station, and found some names and addresses on the papers. Using these clues they tracked down and arrested two men for breaking into Jasmine's house and for stealing the family car. After they were questioned, the men told the whole story. They were counterfeiters! Before Jasmine and her dad moved into their house, these men used the basement of that house to print fake money! The FBI had starting getting suspicious, so they moved out of the house in a big hurry, and left some of their papers behind. They also left some fake money hidden under the back seat of the car! So that's why they broke into the house and tore everything up in a frantic effort to find their papers, and it's why they stole the green car, too. The two crooks had an argument in the car as they were speeding away from Jasmine's house, and one of them threw the box of papers out of the car window in anger!

"Be sure your sins will find you out!"Lemonade quoted Grace as she sipped some lemonade on Jasmine's front porch. Willie and Flop were on the porch too, as well as Dr. Morris, Jasmine's dad. They were talking about the recent events.

"That's from the Bible, isn't it?" asked Dr. Morris, who was an atheist. "I have my doubts about the Bible, but that verse sure seems true enough. And there's another thing I want to say. You kids have been very kind to our family. I know I was grouchy when I first met you, and I'm sorry about that. And I've been doing some serious thinking... would it be alright if I came to your church this Sunday?"

Willie nearly choked on his lemonade. That's the last thing he expected to hear from Dr. Morris! "We'd love it if you came!" he finally managed to say. Jasmine looked happily at her dad and even Flop thumped his tail. Grace smiled to herself, thanking God for answering her prayers for Dr. Morris.

"Don't be getting any ideas that I'm going to become a Christian or anything wild like that, I just want to check out your church," Dr. Morris cautioned.

But the kids were happy. It was a good start!

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