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. Thru-the-Bible Story: Crossing the Red Sea

In our last Thru The Bible story, God sent 10 plagues on the country of Egypt because their king, the Pharaoh, would let God's people leave Egypt. The Children of Israel wanted to return to the land God had promised them many years ago. The last plague was so awful that Pharaoh sent the people away!

So Moses led the Children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. God sent a pillar of cloud ahead of them, for them to follow. He sent a pillar of fire for them to follow at night.

Back in Egypt, Pharaoh was getting angry. He decided to chase after Moses and the Children of Israel with his army. Pharaoh himself drove a chariot.

The Children of Israel were in a difficult spot. On either side of them were high, rocky mountains. Right in front of them was the Red Sea. And coming up fast behind them was Pharaoh and his army! What were they going to do! Had Moses led them to their deaths?

Ah, but remember! It wasn't Moses who was leading them! God was leading them, with His pillars of cloud and fire! But the people were scared and Moses had to tell them not to be afraid. He told them that the Egyptians would all be killed that day because God was going to fight for them!

The LORD told Moses to lift up his staff and stretch it out over the Red Sea. Moses did as God told him. God caused a strong wind to blow all night, and the water of the sea divided, with part to the left and part to the right, and a dry path down the middle. Moses and the children of Israel went through easily.

Pharaoh saw this. He decided that his army could cross over on the dry path and catch the Children of Israel. He and his army began to cross.

Then God told Moses to lift up his staff and once again stretch it out over the water. Moses did, and the water came crashing back! All of Pharaoh's army was drowned, men, horses and chariots.

When the Children of Israel realized all that had happened, Moses' sister Miriam and some of the other ladies danced and sang songs of praise to God who had saved them from a terrible disaster!


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