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. Thru-the-Bible Story: Moses and the Burning Bush

After the Egyptian princess rescued baby Moses from the Nile River, she let his mother take care of him while he was still a baby. After Moses was grown a little, he went and lived in Pharaoh's palace with the princess.

At this time, life was very hard for the Hebrew people. The Egyptian rulers had forgotten all about Joseph and how God had used Joseph to save Egypt from the terrible famine. Many years had gone by, and now the Egyptians were afraid of the Hebrew people because there were so many of them. They began to treat the Hebrews harshly, and forced them to become slaves.

One day Moses, who had been raised as an Egyptian, remember, went out for a walk. He noticed an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, and became very upset! He looked around to see if anyone was watching, and seeing that no one else was around, Moses killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand!

The next day, Moses went out for another walk, and saw two Hebrew men arguing and fighting. When Moses tried to break up the fight, one of the men said to Moses,

Who made YOU a judge or a ruler over us? Are you going to kill me, just like you killed that Egyptian yesterday?"
When Moses heard that, he knew that someone had seen him kill the Egyptian, and he knew he was in big trouble! Pharaoh found out about it, and tried to put Moses to death, but Moses ran away just in time. He went to the land of Midian, out in the desert.

Burning bushMany years passed. Moses got married, and took care of the sheep that belonged to his wife's father. One day, when Moses was watching the sheep near Mount Horeb, and an amazing thing happened! He noticed a bush burning, but the bush never burned up, it just kept right on burning. Moses stopped to have a closer look, and God spoke to Moses from the middle of the bush. He said,

Moses, don't come any closer! Take off your shoes, because you are standing on holy ground. I am the God of your forefathers. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I've seen the suffering of my Hebrew people who are in Egypt, and I've heard their cries of sorrow. I know how sad they are! I've come down to rescue them from the Egyptians. I'm going to bring them to a wonderful land that will be their own. I'm going to send YOU, Moses, to talk to Pharaoh about this.
Moses covered his face, because he was afraid to look! He said,
Who am I, that I should go and talk to Pharaoh and bring the Hebrews out of Egypt?
God told Moses that He would be with him, but Moses still had his doubts. He told Moses to tell this to the leaders of the Hebrew people:
Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has appeared to me. He remembers us, and He sees what is happening to us in Egypt. God is going to bring us out of Egypt, and bring us to a land He's going to give us. It will be a wonderful land, full of milk and honey!
God also told Moses what to tell Pharaoh. Moses obeyed God and returned to Egypt.

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