1.       Brumfield, Willian Craft;  Gold in Azure:  1000 Years of Russian Architecture

2.       Glancy,  Jonathan;  The Story of Architecture

3.       Hillyer, V. M., and Huey, E.G.;   A Child’s History of Art: Architecture


Art- History & Albums

4.       Goya (Booklet

5.       El Greco (Booklet)

6.       Hawksley, Lucinda;  Essential Pre-Raphaelites

7.       Janson, H.W. and Anthony F. Janson;  A Basic History of Art

8.       Mango, Cyril;  The Art of the Byzantine Empire 312 – 1453

9.       Paoletti, John T. and Gary M. Radke;  Art in Renaissance Italy

10.   The Prado

11.   Redgrave,  Richard and Samuel;  A Century of British Painters

12.   Roberts,  Keith;  Bruegel

13.   Zollner, Frank;  Leonardo


14.   Aman;  The Story of a Somali Girl

15.   Barrett, Tracy;  Anna of Byzantium

16.   Bridge, Antony;  Theodora: A Portrait in Byzantine Landscape

17.   Brodie, Fawn;    The Devil Drives (Sir Richard Burton)

18.   Cash,  Jean W.,  Flannery  O’Connor:  A Life

19.   Einhard and Notker the Stammerer;  Two Lives of Charlemagne

20.   Erickson, Carolly;  Her Little Majesty: the Life of Queen Victoria

21.   Kempe, Margery;  The Book of Margery Kempe

22.   Klein,  Shelley;  The Most Evil Women in History

23.   Mandela,  Nelson;  Long Walk to Freedom

24.   Soyinka, Ake; Ake:  The Years of Childhood

25.   Twain, Mark;  Joan of Arc

26.   Twiss,  Miranda;  The Most Evil Men and Women in History

27.   Weir, Alison;  Eleanor of Aquitaine 



28.   The Bible and the Holy Fathers for Orthodox

29.   The Open Bible New King James Version

30.   Holy Apostles Convent;   The Orthodox New Testament (compact version)

31.   Holy Apostles Convent:  The Orthodox New Testament:  Volume 1, The Holy Gospels

32.   Holy Apostles Convent:  The Orthodox New Testament:  Volume 2, Acts, Epistles, Revelation

33.   La Sainte Bible (in French)

34.   The Septuagint with Apocrypha (Brent)

35.   New Testament (in English and Russian)

36.   The New Testament,  St. Paul Catholic Edition

History of Christianity

37.   Barraclough, Geoffrey. Ed.;  The Christian World: A Social & Cultural History

38.   Chadwick,  Owen;  A History of Christianity

39.   Chamberlin,  E.R.;  The Bad Popes

40.   Davidson, Marshall B. Ed.;  The Horizon History of Christianity

41.   Hannah, John D.;  Charts of Ancient and Medieval Church History

42.   House, H. Wayne;  Charts of Christian Theology & Doctrine

43.   House, H. Wayne; Charts of Cults, Sects, & Religious Movements

44.   Johnson, Luke Timothy;  The History of Christianity (to Dawn of Reformation)  CDs;  3 Volumes

45.   Peterson, Susan Lynn;  Timeline Charts of the Western Church

46.   Walton, Robert C.; Chronicle and Background Charts of Church History

47.   Whitehouse,  Maggy;  Opus Dei: The Truth Behind the Myth


Historical/ Holy Places 

48.   Driver, Jack M.;  The Vatican:  Conspiracies, Codes, and the Catholic Churchs

49.   Gruber,  Mark O.S.B.;  Journey Back to Eden

50.   Portus, Xavier;  El Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales

51.   Senturk, Cevat;  Trebizond

52.   Valentin,  Jacques;  The Monks of Mount Athos

Lives of the Saints and other Holy People

53.   St. Augustine;  Confessions

54.   Adomnan of Iona;   Life of St. Columba

55.   Aslanidis, Demetrios and Monk Damascene Grigoriatis;  Apostle to Zaire (Fr. Cosmas)

56.   St. Athanasius;  The Life of Antony and the Letter to Marcellinus

57.   Bouteneff,  Vera, Trans.;  Father Arseny:   A Cloud of Winesses

58.   Bouteneff, Vera, Trans.;  Father Arseny: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father

59.   Christensen, Monk Damascene;  Not of This World (Fr. Seraphim Rose)

60.   Hieromonk Damascene;  Christ, the Eternal Tao

61.   Archimandrite Damascene Orlovsky;  New Confessors of Russia

62.   Eleftherious, Basil,  Encyclopedia of the Major Saints & Fathers of the Orthodox Church

63.   Gabriel, George S.;  Mary: The Untrodden Portal of God

64.   Golder, F. A.;  Father Herman:  Alaska’s Saint

65.   Gorodetsky, Nadejda;  Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

66.   St.  Gregory of Nyssa;  The Life of Moses

67.   St. Herman of Alaska B’hood;  Blessed Euphemia of Serbia

68.   St. Herman of Alaska B’hood;  Little Russian Philokalia Vol. V:  St. Theodore of Sanaxar

69.   Holy Apostles Convent;  The Lives of the Three Great Hierarchs

70.   Holy  Apostles Convent;  The Lives of the Holy Apostles (2)

71.   Holy Apostles Convent;  The Lives of the Saints of the Holy Land and the Sinai Desert (3)

72.   Holy Apostles Convent;  The  Life of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos (4)

73.   Holy Apostles Convent; The Lives of the Pillars of Orthodoxy (5)

74.   Holy Apostles Convent;  The Lives of the Spiritual Mothers (6)

75.   Holy Apostles Convent; The Lives of the Holy Women Martyrs (7)

76.   Holy Trinity Monastery; Life of our Holy Father Seraphim of Sarov & Akathist (booklet)

77.   Holy Trinity Monastery; The Life and Miracles of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg

78.   Archimandrite Ioanichie Balan;  Shepherd of Souls (Elder Cleopa)

79.   Archimandrite Joachim Spetsieris;  The Hermitess Photini

80.   St. John of Shanghai and S.F.; The Orthodox Veneration of Mary the Birthgiver of God

81.   Elder Joseph;   Elder Joseph the Hesychast:  Struggles,  Experiences,  Teachings

82.   Kelly,  J.N.D.;  Golden Mouth (St. John Chrystostom)

83.   Lives of the Saints:  September

84.   Makris, Dionysios A.;  Crazy John

85.   Marushchak,  Archdeacon Vasily;  The Blessed Surgeon  (St. Luke of Simferophol)

86.   Matthew the Poor;  Orthodox Prayer Life

87.   Moore,  Archimandrite Lazarus;  St. Seraphim of Sarov:  A Spiritual Biography

88.   Moss, Vladimir;  The Saints of Anglo-Saxon England Volume 1

89.   Orthodox Christian Catechism,   book and work book

90.   St. Paul Florensky;  Salt of the Earth (Isodore of Gethsemane)

91.   Priklonsky, Father Alexander;  Belled Athanasia, Disciple of St. Seraphim (booklet)

92.   Poulos, George;  Orthodox Saints,  January – March

93.   Rose, Father Seraphim and Abbot Herman; Blessed John the Wonderworker

94.   Rose,  Father Seraphim, trans.;  Little Russian Philokalia Volume 1,  St. Seraphim

95.   Rose, Father Seraphim,  trans.;  Little Russian Philokalia Volume 2,  Abbot Nazarius

96.   Rose,  Father Seraphim,  compiler;  The Northern Thebaid

97.   Archimandrite Sophrony;  The Monk of Mount Athos (St. Silouan)

98.   Elder Thaddeus of Vitonica;  Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives

99.   Topping,  C.;  Saints & Sisterhood: The Live of 48 Holy Women,  a Menologion

100.                  Trenham,  Fr. Josiah;  Rock and Sand:  An EO Appraisal of the Protestant Reformers….

101.                  Wermuth,  Monk Andrew;  From Earth to Heaven  (St. Innocent of Alaska)

102.                  St. Xenia:   Her Tomb & Smolensk Church (VHS)

Orthodox Specific History

103.                  Bourdeaux, Michael;  Risen Indeed:  Lessons in Faith from the USSR

104.                  Guillquist,  Peter E.;  Becoming Orthodox

105.                  Koulomzin, Sophie;  The Orthodox Church Through the Ages,  Volume 1

106.                  Koulomzin, Sophie;  The Orthodox Church Through the Ages,  Volume 2

107.                  Lucas, Phillip Charles;  The Odyssey of a New Religion

108.                  Oleksa,  Michael;  Orthodox Alaska

109.                  Payne, Robert;  The Holy Fire

110.                  Runciman, Steven;  The Great Church in Captivity


Orthodox Theology and Spiritual Journeys

111.                  Alfeyeva,  Valeria;  Pilgrimage to Dzhvari

112.                  Mother Andrea;  My Little Orthodox Christian Feast Days Activity Book (children)

113.                  Anthony;  West of Jesus: The Bible’s Answer to the Protestant Departure from EO Belief

114.                  Arseniev, Nicholas;  Russian Piety

115.                  Bauvain, Jean;  Relatos de un Peregrino Ruso

116.                  Behr,  John; The Mystery of Christ:  Life in Death

117.                  Behr,  John;  The New Testament:   A Thematic Introduction

118.                  Behr, John; The Nicene Faith, Part 1

119.                  Behr,  John; The Way to Nicaea

120.                  Breck, John;  The Sacred Gift of Life: Orthodox Christianity and Bioethics

121.                  Breck, John;  Scripture in Tradition: The Bible & Its Interpretation in the EO Church

122.                  Carlton, Clark;  The Way:  What Every Protestant Should Know About the EO Church

123.                  Calivas,  Alkiviadis C.;  Great Week and Pascha in the Greek Orthodox Church

124.                  Cabasilas,  Nicholas;  A Commentary on the Divine Liturgy

125.                  Cabasilas,  Nicholas;  The Life in Christ

126.                  The Catechism of the Orthodox Church  (Eastern Orthodox Books,  Willits, CA)

127.                  Chitty, Derwas J.;  The Desert  a City

128.                  Elder Cleopas of Romania;  the Truth of our Faith

129.                  Coniaris,  Anthony M.;  Introducing the Orthodox Church

130.                  Coniaris, Anthony M.;  Making God Real in the Orthodox Christian Home

131.                  Doulis, Thomas;  Journeys to Orthodoxy

132.                  Early Christian Writings

133.                  Engleman, Dennis E.;  Ultimate Things:  An Orthodox Perspective on the End Times

134.                  Farley, Donna;  Seasons of Grace:   Reflections on the Orthodox Church Year

135.                  Fedotov,  G.P.;  A Treasury of Russian Spirituality

136.                  Forest, Jim;  Praying with Icons

137.                  Frazier, T.L.;  A Second Look at the Second Coming

138.                  Gallatin, Matthew;  Thirsting  for God in a Land of Shallow Wells

139.                  St. Germanus of Constantinople;   On the Divine Liturgy

140.                  Gillquist,  Peter E.;  The Physical Side of Being Spiritual

141.                  Harakas,  Stanley S.;  Living the Liturgy

142.                  Hester, Fr. David;   The Jesus Prayer:  A Gift from the Fathers (booklet)

143.                  Metropolitan Hierotheos;  Entering the Orthodox Church

144.                  Holmes,  Michael W.,  ed.;  The Apostolic Fathers  (writings)

145.                  Archbishop Iakovos;  Faith for a Lifetime

146.                  St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco;  Sermons and Writings Book 1

147.                  St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco;  Sermons and Writings Book 2

148.                  St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco;  Sermons and Writings Book 3

149.                  Metropolitan Hierotheos;  The Illness and Cure of the Soul in the EO Tradition

150.                  Huneycutt,  Fr. Joseph David;  One Flew Over the Onion Dome

151.                  Archimandrite Irenei;  The Beginnings of a Life of Prayer

152.                  Archimandrite Irenei:  Of God and Man: Theology as Anthropology

153.                  St. John Chrysostom;  Commentary on the Psalms, volume 1

154.                  St. John Chrysostom;  Commentary on the Psalms,  volume 2

155.                  Keiser, Michael;  A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer

156.                  Brother Lawrence;  The Practice of the Presence of God (2 copies)

157.                  Holy Elders of Optina;  Living without Hypocrisy

158.                  Lossky, Vladimir;  The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church (2 copies)

159.                  Mack, Fr. John;  Ascending the Heights: A Layman’s Guide to the Ladder of Divine Ascent

160.                  Maloney, George A.; Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

161.                  Mathewes-Green, Frederica;  At the Corner of East and Now

162.                  Mathewes-Green, Frederica;  Facing East: A  Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy

163.                  Mathewes-Green, Frederica;  The Illumined Heart

164.                  Mathewes-Green, Frederica;  The Open Door:  Entering the Sanctuary of Icons & Prayer

165.                  McGuckin, John;  Saint Cyril of Alexandra and the Christological Controversy

166.                  Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain;  The Philokalia  Volume One

167.                  Nicodemus of the Holy Mtn & St. Theophan the Recluse;  Unseen Warfare

168.                  Neiuwsma,  Virginia, ed.;  Our Hearts True Home

169.                  Abbot Nikon;  Letters to Spiritual Children

170.                  Parry, Melling, Brady, Griffith & Healey;  The Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity

171.                  Philaret,  Metropolitan;  On the Law of God (booklet)

172.                  Pomazansky,  Father Michael;  Orthodox Dogmatic Theology

173.                  Pulcini, Fr. Theodore;  Orthodoxy and Catholicism:  What are the Differences? (booklet)

174.                  Reardon, Fr. Patrick Henry;  The Trial of Job

175.                  Reflections of a Humble Heart

176.                  Rose, Father Seraphim;  Genesis, Creation and Early Man

177.                  Rose, Father Seraphim;  Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future

178.                  Rose,  Father Seraphim; The Place of Blessed Augustine in the  Orthodox Church

179.                  Schaeffer, Frank;  Dancing Alone

180.                  Schmemann, Alexander;  For the Life of the World

181.                  Schmemann, Alexander;  Great Lent

182.                  Skobtsova,  Mother Maria;  Essential Writings

183.                  Archimandrite Sophrony;  His Life is Mine

184.                  Sparks, Jack N.;  Prayer in the Unseen Warfare

185.                  SVS Press;  The Living God Volume 1:  A Catechism

186.                  Takahasi,  Fr. John;  The Orthodox Christian Faith Illustrated (booket)

187.                  Abbess Thaisia;  An Autobiography

188.                  St. Theophan the Recluse;  The Spiritual Life and How to be Attuned to It

189.                  Blessed Theophylact;  The Explanation of the Holy Gospel According to St.  Mark

190.                  Blessed Theophylact;  The Explanation of the Holy Gospel According to St. Luke

191.                  Todeasa,  Fr. Dr. Cornel;  Seek First the Kingdom

192.                  Archimandrite Vasileios;  Institution and Charism in the Orthodox Church (2 copies)

193.                  Vladimirov,  Fr. Artemy;   The Path to Confession

194.                  Ward,  Benedicta,  trans.;  The Sayings of the Desert Fathers

195.                  Ware, Bishop Kallistos;  The Orthodox Way

196.                  Webber,  Meletios;  Steps of Transformation

197.                  Ware, Bishop Kallistos;  The Inner Kingdom

198.                  Williams & Anstall;  Orthodox Worship

199.                  Zaleski, Irma;  Living the Jesus Prayer

Prayer Books, Liturgical and Devotional Books

200.                  The All-Night Vigil for Choir and Laity

201.                  St. Andrew of Crete;  The Great Canon (booklet)

202.                  The Book of Psalms

203.                  Coniaris,  Anthony M.;  Daily Readings from the Writings of St. John Chrysostom

204.                  Coniaris, Anthony M.;  Daily Vitamins for Spiritual Growth

205.                  Daily Prayers for Orthodox Christians

206.                  Divine Liturgy, Prayers,  Catechism (in English and Slavonic)  Serbian

207.                  GOARCH,  Divine Liturgy Hymnal (2  copies)

208.                  The Divine Liturgy According to St. John Chrysostom

209.                  GOARCH,  Lenten Reflections

210.                  Harakas, Emily and Fr. Anthony Coniaris;  Daily Meditations & Prayers for Advent…

211.                  Holy Cross Orthodox Press;  Service of the Small Paraklesis … Theotokos (need to return)

212.                  Holy Transfiguration Monastery;  Book of Hours

213.                  Holy Transfiguration Monastery;  Prayer Book

214.                  Holy  Transfiguration Monastery;  Psalter

215.                  Holy Trinity Monastery;  Book of Akathists

216.                  Holy Trinity Monastery:  (Jordanville) Prayer Book (in Slavonic)

217.                  The Hours of Catherine of Cleves

218.                  Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver;  Turnaround:  The EO Purpose Driven Life

219.                  St. John Climacus;   The Ladder of Divine Ascent

220.                  Jonopulos,  Colette D.; The One Thing Needful:  Meditations for the Busy EO Woman

221.                  Mathewes-Green, Frederica;  First Fruits of Prayer:   40-Day … thru Canon of St. Andrew

222.                  ROCOR;  The Divine Liturgy (English & Slavonic)

223.                  SVS;  A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers

224.                  Velimirovich,  St. Nikolai;  Prayers by the Lake

225.                  Velimirovich,  St. Nicholai;  The Prologue of Ohrid,  Volume One

226.                  Velimirovich,  St. Nicholai;  The Prologue of Ohrid,  Volume Two

227.                  St. Xenia Skete;  Service to our Blessed in Christ Saint Xenia (booklet)

Theological Writings by Non-Orthodox Christians

228.                  Fairbairn,  Donald;  Eastern Orthodoxy Through Western Eyes

229.                  Riddlebarger, Kim; A Case for Amillennialism


230.                  Hamilton, Judy;  Scottish Murders

The Crusades 

231.                  Armstrong, Karen;  Holy War: The Crusades & Their Impact on Today’s World

232.                  Bartlett, W.B.;  God Wills  It! And Illustrated History of the Crusades

233.                  Belloc, Hilaire;  The Crusades

234.                  Clark, Victoria;  The Far-Farers: A Journey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem

235.                  Connell, Evan S., Deus lo Volt! Chronicle of the Crusades

236.                  Hallam, Elizabeth;  Chronicles of the Crusades

237.                  Joinville & Villehardouin;  Chronicles of the Crusades

238.                  Lamb, Harold;  The Crusades

239.                  Oldenbourg, Zoe;  The Crusades

240.                  Phillips, Jonathan;  The Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople  (2 copies)

241.                  Reston,  James, Jr.;  Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the 3rd Crusade

242.                  Riley-Smith, Jonathan, ed.;  The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades

243.                  Riley-Smth, Jonathan;  What Were the Crusades?

244.                  Runciman, Steven;   The First Crusade

245.                  Runciman, Steven;  A History of the Crusades Volume II

246.                  Runciman, Steven;   A History of the Crusades Volume III

247.                  Tate, Georges;  The Crusaders: Warriors of God

248.                  Treece, Henry;  The Crusades

249.                  Williams, Paul L., Ph.D.;  The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Crusades

Current Events

250.                  Ikle,  Fred Charles;  Annihilation From Within

251.                  Lipstadt, Deborah;  Denying the Holocaust

252.                  Mahmoddy, Betty w/ William Hoffer;  Not Without My Daughter

253.                  Newton,  Michael A. and Michael P. Scharf:  Enemy of the State  (Saddam Hussein)

254.                  Rollins, Peter C.;  Hollywood as Historian

255.                  Sennott, Charles M.;  The Body and the Blood:  The ME’s Vanishing Christians….


History of Food

256.                  Mintz, Sidney W.;  Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History

257.                  Schivelbusch, Wolfgang;  Tastes of Paradise:  A Social History of Spices, Stimulants & Intoxicants

258.                  Toussaint-Samat, Maguelonne;  History of Food

Writings  about Food

259.                  Kingsolver, Barbara;  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle:  A Year of Food Life



260.                  Collins,  Robert O. and James M. Burns;  A History of Sub-Saharan Africa

261.                  Godbey,  A.H.;  Stanley in Africa

262.                  Hochschild, Adam;  King Leopold’s Ghost

263.                  Krog, Antjie;  Country of my Skull

264.                  Lefkowitz, Mary;  Not Out of Africa

265.                  Morris, Donald, R.;  The Washing of the Spears (The Rise & Fall of the Zulu Nation)

266.                  Munson, Henry Jr.;  The House of Si Abd Allah: The Oral History of a Moroccan Family

267.                  Rusesabagiina, Paul;  An Ordinary Man (Rwandan Genocide)

268.                  Riley, Captain James;  Sufferings in Africa

269.                  Schwab,  Peter;  Africa: A Continent Self-Destructs

270.                  Tayler, Jeffrey;  Facing the Congo


271.                  LaPierre, Dominique and Javier Moro;  Five Past Midnight In Bhopal

272.                  Mortenson, Greg and Relin, David Oliver:  Three Cups of Tea

273.                  Uzbekistan (booklet)

274.                  Waddell,  L. Austine;  Lhasa and Its Mysteries

British Isles

Arthurian (Historical)

275.                  Brown, Thomas Airlie;  The Celtic Roots of Camelot


276.                  Bertrand, Simone;  Tapisserie de Bayeux

277.                  Bindoff, S. T.;  Tudor England

278.                  Brendon, Piers;  The Decline and Fall of the British Empire 1781 - 1997

279.                  Brooke, Christopher;  The Saxon and Norman Kings

280.                  Burgess, Colin;  The Age of Stonehenge

281.                  Campbell, James;  The Anglo-Saxons

282.                  Cannon, John and Criffiths, Ralph;  The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy

283.                  Cheyney, Edward P.;  A Short History  of England

284.                  Cottrell, Leonard;  A Guide to Roman Britain

285.                  Cough, Richard;  History of Myddle

286.                  Danziger, Danny and Gillingham, John;  1215: The Year of the Magna Carta

287.                  Fields,  Bertam;  Royal Blood: Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes

288.                  Fisher, D.J.V.;  The Anglo-Saxon Age

289.                  Howarth, David;  1066:  The Year of the Conquest

290.                  Johnson, Steven;  The Ghost Map:  The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic

291.                  Laing, Lloyd and Jennifer;  Anglo-Saxon Enlgand

292.                  Macaulay,  Lord;  The History of England (4 volumes)

293.                  Morgan, Kenneth O., ed.;  The Oxford History of Britain

294.                  Norwich,  John Julius;  Shakespeare’s Kings

295.                  Rowse, A.L.;  Bosworth Field & the Wars of the Roses

296.                  Shakespeare’s England

297.                  Wood, Michael;  Domesday:  A search for the Roots of England

298.                  Watt, Diane;  The Paston Women

299.                   Wyeth, Romy;  The Stonehenge Story (Booklet)


300.                  Cahill, Thomas;  How the Irish Saved Civilization

301.                  Galvin, Michael;  The Great Famine 18845 – 1852

302.                  MacManus, Seumas, The story of the Irish Race

303.                  McCourt, Malachy;   History of Ireland


304.                  Buchanan;  The Glencoe Massacre


305.                  Davies, John;  A History of Wales

Byzantine Empire

306.                  Comnena, Anna;  The Alexiad of Anna Comnena

307.                  Hussey, J.M.;  The Byzantine World

308.                  Maas,  Michael;  Readings in Late Antiquity

309.                  Norwich, John Julius;  A Short History of Byzantium

310.                  Procopius;  The Secret History

311.                  Rosen, William;  Justinians’s Flea


312.                  Archbold, Rosalie David and Rick;  Conversations with Mummies

313.                  Barron’s;  The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (children’s book)

314.                  Brier, Bob;  The Murder of Tutankhamen

315.                  Carter, Howard; The Tomb of Tutankhamen

316.                  Desroches-Noblecourt, Christiane; Tutankhamen

317.                  Erman, Adolf; Life in Ancient Egypt

318.                  Hancock, Graham and Robert Bauval;  The Message of the Sphinx

319.                  Hawass,  Zahi;  Valley of the Golden Mummies

320.                  Oakes, Lorna and Lucia Gahlin;  Ancient Egypt

321.                  Treasures of Tutankhamen

322.                  Vercoutter, Jean;  The Search for Ancient Egypt

323.                  Wingate,  Philippa;  The Usbourne Book of Kings and Queens

Europe, General

324.                  Ellis, Peter Berresford;  The Celtic Empire: The First Millennium of Celtic History

325.                  Duby, Georges, Ed.; A History of Private Life  (5 volumes)

326.                  Dukes, Paul;  A History of Russia

327.                  Eluere, Christiane;  The Celts: Conquerors of Ancient Europe

328.                  Fagan, Brian;   The Little Ice Age

329.                  Gimbutas,  Marija;  Civilization of the Goddess: The World of Old Europe

330.                  Holzer, Hans;   The Habsburg Curse

331.                  Malcom,  Noel;  Kosovo:  A Short History

332.                  Rice, Eugene F., Jr. and Grafton, Anthony;  The Foundations of  Early Modern Europe

333.                  Wheatcroft, Andrew;  The Habsburgs: Embodying Empire


334.                  Duruy, Victor;  A History of France

335.                  Jager, Eric;  The Last Duel

General Historical Topics

336.                  Diringer, David;  The Book Before Printing

337.                  Heer,  Friedrich;  The Fires of the Faith

338.                  Ignatieff, Michael;  Blood and Belonging

339.                  MaCaulay, David;  Motel of the Mysteries

340.                  Mumford, Lewis;  The City in History

Mexico and Latin America

341.                  Lewis, Oscar;  Five Families

Middle East

342.                  Ben-Tor, Amon;  The Archaeology of Ancient Israel

343.                  Karmi, Ghada;  In Search of Fatima:  A Palestinian Story

344.                  Lawrence, T.E.  Revolt in the Desert

345.                  Lawrence,  T.E.;  Seven Pillars of Wisdom

346.                  Levy,  Thomas E., Ed.;  The Archaeology of the Holy Land

347.                  Mansfield, Peter;  A History of the Middle East

348.                  Rashid, Ahmed;  Taliban

Russia (Includes Biographies)

349.                  Alliluyeva,  Svetlana;  Twenty Letters to a Friend

350.                  Applebaum, Anne;  Gulag

351.                  Alexander, John T.;  Catherine the Great:  Life and Legend

352.                  Barford, P.M.;  The Early Slavs

353.                  Benagh, Christine;  An Englishman in the Court of the Tsar (Charles Sidney Gibbes)

354.                  Billingham, James H.;  The Icon and the Axe

355.                  Blum, Jerome; Lord and Peasant in Russia

356.                  Bobrick, Benson;  Fearful Majesty: The Life & Reign of Ivan the Terrible

357.                  Bonnell, Victoria E., Ed.;  The Russian Worker: Life & Labor under the Tsarist Regime

358.                  Charques,  Richard;  The Twilight of Imperial Russia

359.                  Conquest,  Robert;  The Harvest of Sorrow

360.                  Crankshaw, Edward; The Shadow of the Winter Palace

361.                  Custine, Marquis;  Empire of the Czar

362.                  Dashkova, Princess;  The Memoirs of Princess Dashkova

363.                  Erickson, Carolly;  Great Catherine

364.                  Figes, Orlando;  Natasha’s Dance: A Cultural History of Russia

365.                  Figes,  Orlando;  A People’s Tragedy

366.                  Figes,  Orlando;  The Whisperers:  Private Life in Stalin’s Russia

367.                  Freeze, Gregory L.;  Russia:  A History

368.                  Ginzburg, Eugenia Semyonovna;  Journey into the Whirlwind

369.                  Gunther, John;  Inside Russia Today

370.                  Halpern, Charles J.;  Russia  and the Golden Horde

371.                  Herzen, Alexander;  My Past & Thoughts

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United States

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Geography and Atlases

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Natural History

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Travel / Exploration

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Folklore, Fairy Tales & Mythology

British Isles

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Historical Fiction

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Literary Commentary

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